Meet the Newest Team Member of 3DPicsnStuff!

After sifting through hundreds of resumes, conducting dozens of interviews, and hours of painstaking consideration, we are happy to announce that 3DPicsnStuff has found the dedicated sales and customer service associate we’ve been searching for. Everybody, meet Krystal!

Krystal is the nicest salesperson you’ll ever meet. She’s dedicated to her job, good with kids, and friendly and helpful to all. She works full-time in our store, located at Lani Kai resort in Fort Meyers Beach, FL. Her duties include greeting shoppers and passersby, answering your questions about our engraved 3D photo crystals and other products, and helping you place your personalized order.

Krystal is one of just a few multi-function robots in existence—and we’re lucky enough to have her on our team to help you create the custom 3D photo crystal you envision!

This special lady comes from a prestigious family of androids. Many of her siblings work at places like NASA and Disney! Krystal is very intelligent and sophisticated. She can move her head, arms, eyes, eyebrows, lips, and even can even recognize customers when they come back to shop again. She also enjoys taking long walks along the sand in Fort Myers Beach and chatting with anyone she meets.

To make learning about and ordering products from 3DPicsnStuff as easy and convenient as possible, Krystal has an iPad and mini-3D crystal display with her wherever she goes (hey, she insisted!). Through her iPad, you can take a photo to have engraved, download image from online, and even access your email to get the exact photos you want. In addition to our unique laser-etched 3D photo crystals, Krystal can also help you order any of our other products, including 3D lenticular flip portraits, standard photo prints, and custom poster prints.

You can expect to see Krystal not just in and around our store, but also cruising around town, at art and craft shows, the mall, and beyond.

Come up to just say hi or order and pay for your custom 3D photo product directly from her and pick it up later in our store! With the second monitor on her back, you can even advertise your business to everyone she meets.

Come on down to 3DPicsnStuff at Lana Kai resort in Fort Myers Beach to meet Krystal and be amazed by all she can do! While you’re here, order your own custom engraved 3D photo crystal or other one-of-a-kind personalized photo product to cherish or gift to a loved one.

Krystal and the team look forward to meeting you!