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3D Lenticular “Flip” Photography

3D Lenticular “Flip” Photography

  • This is where we started, 3D lenticular photographs have been around for a decade but finallty current new inks, printer types, and the incrediable software allows us to bring you even more magic. Watch the baby go after the flower. This is created with two different high resolution jpeg files which are being viewed from different viewing angles. As first jpeg images is flipping and disappearing  into the second high resolution jpeg movement is occuring plus depth. Please see our  blog  on "Do's  and Don't" to create a fantastic 3D Lenticular Flip Photograph. These are great photographs for Halloween costumes, wedding to 50th Aniversary, and so on. Please watch our 3D Lenticular Flip video to the right so you can see how 3D Flippen works. 


    Listed below are the sizes and prices we create in house:

    • 5 x 7: $39.99
    • 8 x 10: $69.99
    • 11 x 14: $90.00
    • 13 x 19: $110.00