Aluminum Photo Panels

Aluminium Photo Panel

  • Our high quality Aluminum Panels with Hinged Easels produce spectacular color. They also come with a hinged easel so you can display your Aluminum Panel right away when it arrives or you can  place it in a frame.

    Our Aluminum Panels with Hinged Easels are custom designed and produced in house. They are UV resistant. So, they will never fade from the sun. If you spill water on your Aluminum panel you will not destroy it. Just dry it off with a paper towle. Since, these panels are made from Aluminum they will last forever and can be handed down from generation to generation in your family and will never fade or lose quallity. Another great forever gift.

    Ourt Aluminum panels are similiar to the old “tintype” metal sepia photographs from long, long, ago. 

    Listed below are the sizes of the Aluminum Panels we custom design and create in house by hand to give you, your forever memories.

    • 5 x 7
    • 8 x 10