3D Photo Engraved Crystal Rectangle with Emerald Cut Edges. Available in 2 sizes.

3D Photo Engraved Crystal Rectangle with Emerald Cut Edges

  • The highest quality 3D Photo Engraved Rectangle with Emerald edges is the perfect gift. These crystals are perfect for birth announcements, senior high school photographs, family members, grandma and grandpa, plus your pets too. Our 3D Photo Engraved Crystal Hearts with Diamond Cut Edges are simply the best quality on earth to create your special generational keepsake.

    The edges of these 3D Photo Engraved Crystals has an emerald cut edge which ads an elegance to the crystal. It also does wonderful things with reflecting light. Especially, when the 3D Photo Engraved Rectangle is on a Medium LED Light Base. The lighted base is optional. However, the lighted base enhances the sub-surface engraved image inside your 3D Photo Engraved Crystal Heart, greatly. Available at any time.


    • Small: 2.0W X 3.125W X 2.0D"
    • Medium: 2.375W X 3.125H X 1.875D"