Custom T-Shirts: 100% polyester white light weight, breathable polyester fabric.


  • Custom T-Shirts: 100% polyester white, light weight, breathable polyester fabric. Sublimation is used to create your custom made T-Shirt.


    When the dyesub printer transfer paper is placed in the heat press on top of the fabric. The inks turn into a gas which embeds into the fibers of the polyester fabric. Silk screened T-Shirts inks are on top of the fabric. The art work is not soft to the touch. The shirts will eventually fade after washing.


    The graphics on our high quality polyester T-Shirts is soft to the touch and will never fade after washing. We can design your white CustomT-Shirts with your family or individual portraits, Company Logo or Pet Portraits. The design possibilities are endless for your Customer made T-Shirt.


    Listed below are the sizes for the Custom T-Shirts we create in house: 

    • Small
    • Medium
    • Large
    • Extra Large
    • XXL